CraigsList PayPal Scam

Craigslist PayPal scamCraigslist PayPal Snatch and Scam

Creepy PayPal scammers have a simple system. Scammer searches the listings for small items that can be easily shipped and are worth a lot of money. Such as a cell phone.

They call you up, ask to buy your item and request that they pay you through Paypal. Why Paypal? Because it’s fast and an easier way to fool “some” people. People in a hurry, people desperate to make some  quick cash.

My niece posted her cell phone on Craigslist and immediately received a phone call. The caller requested to pay through Paypal. That sounds good. Instant money. What couldn’t be easier?

Well, the money never arrived in her Paypal account. But she did receive emails from “Paypal” saying that her money was on hold due to her “currency” limit. As soon as the item was shipped and verified by the buyer, the money would be released.

It was full of misspellings, and ridiculous requests.


“Don’t call us here… our services are down”.  “Don’t email us here… we need you to go through our email here”.

Stupid and without a doubt fraud. However, someone in a hurry may not pay attention and fall for this idiot scam.

If you’re buying or selling on Craigslist, be careful. Research and find out how to stay safe, buying or selling.

Google Chrome Notebook Cheap Price Cheap Device

I purchased a Google Chrome Notebook on Friday and within minutes hated it.

When I put in my password for Internet access there is a checkbox that asks me if I want my Internet to be public. It’s grayed out and checked. Leaving me NO option to uncheck it.

Next, when I open up the Chrome browser it wants me to have a Gmail account. No way to use this device without a Gmail email account. Google demands that I use everything Google. Give it all access to everything I do online. Track my likes, dislikes, and blindly allow it to use my data any way it wants to.

One the plus side I could login as a “guest”. However, nothing is saved. So, that is not worth bothering. I signed on as a guest so I could explore the device.

The mouse was slow and choppy in movement. The casing is cheap and it just feels like a toy rather than a true device.

Why does Apple charge double the price for it’s iPad? Because it is THE BEST tablet on the market. BAR NONE. You want cheap prices, well, you’re going to experience cheap in every other way when you use those devices.

I became so frustrated with that mouse and the seriously slow processing of the browser that I gave up, packed that iPad/Notebook clone up back into the box after less than 20 minutes of “trying” to use it.

Big THUMBS DOWN on Google Chrome Notebook.

Google Owns Your Soul

Conditions of Your Freedom to Use

Freedom to use Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest as much as you like for FREE.

In return your DATA is sold, reconfigured, manipulated, edited, given away, analyzed, and used in every way possible to fill theses companies with big profits.

Google Selling Your Data Everything you do, everything you watch, every post you make, every video you post, it’s all recorded, analyzed and used to make money.

When you shop using your debit or CC, your data is tracked. Where you shop becomes WHO you shop with.

Shop at Walmart and you may find your credit limit lowered.

What you watch on TV from your DVR is data used to advertise to you. What you search for online is used to push advertising into your face.

And that is truly not a big deal. Yes, it’s annoying, but no, it’s not that big of a deal to get all worked up into a lather over.

However, your shopping, posting, searching, and watching data is not just used to advertise to you.

It’s used by the FBI, CIA, local police, and big corporations to make decisions about how much credit you should or should not have.

It’s used by just about every possible company, service, or intellectual property online and off to manage how you are cared for, monitored, and or perceived by the “powers that be”.

Big Brother – was a joke. Ha-ha, big brother is watching. The joke is on us.

A few weeks ago I watched a program about Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter. How these companies can sell every thought, every image, every piece of YOU to anyone, anywhere they like.

Do they need a warrant? No.

Do they need permission from you? No. … wait, huh? Don’t you know that you already GAVE permission to all of these companies just buy using their services, programs and products? Even if they at one time promised NOT to sell your SOUL, they also said they have the right to update their policies at anytime without notice.

It made me really start thinking about this “privacy” thing. I use to think, “Hey, if you have nothing to hide… why worry”? Well, I don’t have anything to hide. That’s not the issue and it certainly is NOT the problem. The problem is your data is analysed in ways that twist and tweak and manipulate the data that actually DOES hurt you.

It hurts your credit, it hurts your reputation, it hurts your identity.

I was attacked by a Cyber Bully. He’s since got a grip on himself or “something” and changed his ways, left his evil viewpoints in life and we’re happy for him. But it’s not about the lone cyber bully anymore. It’s about the BIG CORPORATIONS that are cyber bullying us now.

After I posed on F.B. how I was going to cancel my account due to this invasion of privacy, guess who emailed me?

The CEO of F.B. Yep, the C E O email me “personally”. I thought it was an update on the privacy policies that everyone received. I asked, my friends said, “No, we didn’t get that”. And my email was signed by the CEO.

So, after this I thought perhaps it was time to remove myself from that as my “personal” account was connected to friends and family. So easy for something BAD to happen using that data. Believe me, it’s scary.

And if you go back in time within you will see that I have actually been saying for several YEARS that something is VERY WRONG with Google. They are gaining control over so many things online. They have the monopoly on searches and video. They have a big group within gmail, G+ and now there’s the CLOUD!

What do YOU think they can DO with the CLOUD???

Your IP address is now tracked and they know all of your devices. Which delivers right to them all of your IP addresses you can possibly use.

Okay, I need a break… to be continued…


Cyber Bully Grows Up

Cyber Bully Says,
“I’m Not Feeling It Anymore”!

Cyber Bully Well, someone finally grew up, gained a conscience or had some sense knocked into his head.

The language used on his site as you can see to the left circled in red was bigoted, trashy, and not someone that would attract people with a positive attitude.

Considered his bullying “Friggen Fun”.

It doesn’t matter what motivated him to remove his websites. He hid his identity from the public. Which now that he’s grown up, is better for him. This way he can perhaps bring good feelings to those around him rather than smashing his digital-fists into the hearts and minds of people he’s never met face-to-face.

It is no secret that people love controversy and trash-talking gossip about others. They love to point fingers and put other people down. But they never look in the mirror. They never consider the damage they do by this type of behavior. They are exactly what they gossip about.

Yet, now and then “one” does grow up. And I for one hope that this Cyber Bully chose to delete and remove his content online because grew up and realized he attacked and disrespected good people. Perhaps he is no longer “feeling it” because he’s now “feeling” guilty about his behavior.

Knowing he has been mindlessly and viciously attacking people, who are real “people” who have friends and family. People that he may actually find to be worth knowing and befriending as well as learning from.

So, good bye Mr. Cyber Bully.

cyber bully grows upWelcome to the real world. May it offer you forgiveness and help you find love, laughter, and joy in your life as provide you with the opportunity to help you bring it to others.

We are thrilled you have left your path of destruction.

No Warrant Required, Agree and Give Up Your Privacy

Facebook and Google Sell Your Data

Why Should You Care?

No More PrivacyJust finished watching a TV documentary that shows how Google, Facebook, Twitter, ATT, etc… sell your data. While the gov needs a warrant to gain personal data on you, they can buy that same information from these “third” parties.

So, you think… well, I have nothing to hide so why should I care?

Here’s why…

A man gets arrested, shoved into walls, pushed around, treated like a really bad “dude” why? Because he sent a tweet using a common expression that was analyzed and deemed a “possible” threat.

A young boy… is approached at school and questioned after posting an innocent tweet.

The writer for a crime-drama has scary “dudes” with big scary authority come to his door and question him about his “searches” on Google. Yah, his “research” got him into scary trouble.

I Used to Think – I Have Nothing To Hide

So, yah, I thought, eh, no biggy. So they collect where I go online. I’m not that exciting I don’t care.

Well, let’s look a little closer.

Loss of Credit

Many people suddenly had their credit card limits greatly lowered. Maybe you had this happen. “Someone” I know had their Bestbuy CC go from $1,000 to $100 and the documentary mentioned a man who while on vacation had his $10,000 credit limit yanked down to $3500.

Data used to determine this? Was it his credit report? NO! Other data collected via third parties such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, ATT, AOL, etc… This list is HUGE and they all TALK and SHARE YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION!

Changes in Your Health Policy

Tracking your health, your driving habits, your thoughts about life, love, vacation… your dreams, your desires, your… Now they don’t have to get a warrant or your approval to know about your health. They can buy that information off Facebook, your search habits, your tweets.

Have you searched for information on that ugly little “thing” on your skin? Maybe you’re depressed and looking for help to overcome serious thoughts of ???  This data is available and used. And more and more data is provided about our every private thought because.

WE Are Giving it To Them Freely!

Do you Tweet about your life? Do you share on Facebook your personal struggles? Do you “confess” your private thoughts?

Do you joke around, make fun of the “anyone” “any place” or “any thing” online and offline?

That show Person of Interest is “right on the money”. It is real, it is happening and we can’t stop it.

Images, Videos, & What You Think

question-manThe documentary is called, “Terms and…” I’d look for it and watch it if you have yet to do so. I have today made the decision to cancel my “personal” Facebook account to protect my friends and family. I will continue with my business account only.

All Digital Data is Fair Game. In fact, Google snags every image that is posted online and simply makes a statement, “May be under copyright” And IF it is just let them know and they will remove it. Huh? Sorry, guys and gals but by then it’s far too late. Any image posted live has the possibility of going viral within milliseconds.

And we all agree to it when we click that little check box that asks us to “Agree or Decline”. Of course we can’t decline and still use Google, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal etc… In order to use these services we must Agree.

But what are we agreeing to?

We agree that we do not consider anything of digital nature to be private.

What are the Rules? What are the Laws? What are the Legalities?

Facebook and Google spent Millions of dollars to make sure OUR digital data is NOT protected. Can be sold to anyone willing to buy it.

Anyone. Any company. Any where.

Think we have “free speech”? Not anymore. The way you Tweet, Post, and Share can now land you in jail, get your home invaded and your thoughts put together like a puzzle that without your actually knowing it… YOU created it.

What do you think?

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