How to Build Success – Start With Specific Goals

How to Be Successful Online – Part 1

Setting Goals

First, let’s be sure to understand that our focus is not on our failures. We can learn from failure, but we do not want to focus on it. We can learn from our successes and it is these things we want to focus our attention on.

Today’s post is about being SPECIFIC in your game plan. Setting goals, avoiding distraction, etc…

Pay Attention to the Addiction to Learning

One of the most difficult things to overcome in this business is the addiction to learning. Learning new things in general can be very exciting. Learning new ways to make money seems to be the key to unlocking those endorphins in our bodies. Like those extreme sportsmen who climb cliffs without a rope seeking the ultimate rush released by the constant reminder of sudden death should they lose focus, we who surf the net feel that rush when we learn of a new way to make money.

Perhaps sometimes it’s simply having that “AHA!” moment when all the pieces flow together and our own creative juices start to flow. Whatever the cases, this is a very dangerous addiction to have. The way to avoid allowing this addiction to grow or the way to overcoming it, is to set specific goals for our online activities.

What Type of Goals Should We Be Setting?

If there is one thing I have procrastinated about it has to be taking the time to set up my daily goals. However, daily goals have saved me from going down that rabbit hole of new thoughts, new ideas, and hours of wasted time pursuing things that cannot help me now.

When setting up goals, it’s a good idea to create long term goals as well as short-term daily goals. Get started making money with the 100% ROI, then work on building up your skills and knowledge.

How will you divide up your time?

50% action – 50% learning? One man in the Affilorama forum said he tamed his learning addiction and now his focus is divided into 90% action and 10% learning.

I believe the day I read that was the day I decided that was the perfect ration for me as well. However, I have been online for over 10 years learning, first making money designing websites and SEO. When you are first starting out, your learning curve is high, you may need to divide your time into 50% learning and 50% action.

Emails, Social Activity and Other Distractions

Decide how much time you will spend reading your email. Email is perhaps one of the most difficult things for me as I have to read it in the morning to be sure that I take care of my clients or other urgent requests that I should get to before working.

To avoid getting distracted by email I have folders set up in a variety of categories. Email from clients are read before I work. Any email that is promoting an offer, I move them to my “Promotions” folder. I do not allow myself to read it until the end of my work day. Out of sight, out of mind. Sometimes I never read them but so far the earth has not shattered into space so I’m OK with it.

Social activity is something I really do very little of online. I have two Facebook accounts. One is for business, the other is for family and friends. With my business, it’s easy. The only thing I do with my business FB page is share my blog posts and Newsletter posts with them. It requires a click of a button to do this.

With my friends and family account, I only go there to announce something special like, “Hey guys, I bought a new house, check it out” or “Yo, come to our BBQ sat, bring food and beers”.
Other than that, I have not time for social activity online.

Fun stuff? Well, this is something only allowed on my days off or at the end of my work day online. And since I really don’t like to be on my PC any longer than when I’m working, I guess I don’t do a lot of fun stuff online.

Part 2 – Where to Focus Your Time

2 Responses to “How to Build Success – Start With Specific Goals”

  • Kyran says:

    Knowing how easily distracted I can be, I use a blocking application on my browser called StayFocusd. Perhaps you already know of it. I use it to block sites like Facebook, certain forums and my email account. You can set a timer on them. I set mine for a couple of hours each time (but you can set it longer if you want). It’s done the world of good for my productivity/online work.

  • Graham says:

    Every night before I retire, I make a list of all the things I want to achieve the following day. Having written it, it’s in my subconscious so that when I wake up, I’m rearing to go. I find making daily lists really help me.

    I hear what you’re saying about learning and knowing when to stop. I was like that when I was studying my degree. I got so caught up in researching for an assignment that I gave little time to actually writing the assignment.

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