How to Manage Your Time, Money & Procrastination

How to Build Success – Part 2

Today we’ll talk about managing our time. SMART – Specific we covered in Part 1, today we will cover the “M” in the SMART system, so managing our time.How to Be Successful Online If you missed Part 1, you can read it by clicking here.

Training and Research

My research is divided into several time zones. I call them zones because they are separated and I don’t want them to mix. Some of the research I do is vital to my work, other research I do is non essential to my success.

  1. Researching a new article I want to write for a new post to my blog or for guest posting. This is something that is part of my workday. But I have to be very careful as it can lead me down the rabbit hole. I have to really focus to avoid that hole.
  2. Researching a new idea for a product I want to sell. This type of research is not allowed unless my work for the day is done.
  3. Researching for fun. This is almost never an option. If I want to have fun, it’s pretty much not happening via the Internet. I’d rather play racquetball, hike, watch TV, or go to the movies. So, I avoid YouTube because there are just too many cute, funny, and amazing videos on YouTube.

Those are some examples of how I divide up my time and prioritize my day.

The point is, set goals and stick to your goals. When you work without goals, it’s like sailing without a compass in the fog. You will never have a clear direction of where you are going or how you will get there. Failure loves to hang out in the fog.

It Takes Money to Make It

This is a true statement. But you can manage the way you work with this issue. You can either save a little money from your offline work or work online where the opportunity to get paid for your time is 100% guaranteed.

Avoid getting into debt to make money online as there are no guarantees you will be able to pay it back before things get out of hand.

You can make money online by doing simple chores that generate enough money to buy a How-To guide within your budget. Be selective when choosing how to make your first dollar online. There are many excellent tutorials that teach you how to make money online are less than $10.00.

You can earn $10.00 within an hour to pay for these inexpensive guides that you want to buy. There are three websites online dedicated to paying you for doing specific chores online.

  • – You decide what you’re willing to do for five bucks ($4.00 after Fiverr fees) and you get paid after you have done the job. Some of these jobs are incredibly easy to do or learn. There are plenty of Fiverr YouTube videos to help you get started.
  • – This site pays you to write articles. It takes about 15 or so articles to earn about $20.00. It may take you 5 or more hours to generate your first $20.00, but it’s not a loan, it’s money you can spend on your first guide.
  • – Mechanical Turk is a site run by You will need to visit that site to really understand how it works, but people pay for all sorts of things that they need done. Some of these jobs are stupidly simple like clicking on a Facebook Like button for .05 cents. But if it’s something you can do and watch TV at the same time, it’s a far better idea of how to pay for that $9.00 guide, than using your credit card.

No Excuses – Work & Get Paid

Avoid ProcrastinationThere are so many people who become insanely upset and frustrated because of not earning a dime from all of their hard work and time put into trying to make money online. However, you can be a total newb, without any skills on creating a website, blog, or product, and visit any of those 3 websites I mentioned above and start making money.

Yes, it’s work. But the pay is almost 100% guaranteed. You simply cannot fail if you do the work you promise to do. I think anyone can click on a few LIKE buttons, write 20 blog comments, or watch a free video and learn how to do a simple chore that someone needs done on Fiverr.

Think of it this way. You could spend 10 hours learning how to set up a WordPress blog to make money in Adsense. Or you could spend 10 hours in Fiverr doing a variety of Gig’s that generate a few hundred dollars. 100% ROI on your time. Learning has a 0% ROI on your time.

Read Part 1

5 Responses to “How to Manage Your Time, Money & Procrastination”

  • Red Chili Exporter says:

    You have a really great website and the posts are well written. Thank you for this great discussion.

  • Trudy says:

    I have a full-time job offline, but I work part-time online and I love it! I save all the money I make online for the whole year then use it towards something special. I use a fraction of that to buy any ebooks I might be interested in. There’s definitely money to be made online. I sometimes think there are actually more opportunities online than offline. Oh and I’ve used Fiverr too! – both as a service provider and buyer. I don’t use MTurk as they only pay in vouchers for where I live. I prefer cash.

  • Mark says:

    Most of the time people get into scam traps only due to big million dreams overnight. Your point is right, we should work to earn money instead of expecting someone or something to do it in autopilot.

  • smuigal says:

    Hi Mustafa, yes, and is yet another. Also which is where you only spend $4.00. Thanks for stopping by :)

  • There are some other ways by which people can earn money. Some best alternative such as GigBucks is an other option. It does have huge visitors at Indian subcontinent part. Although it is a clone site of Fiverr, it allows people to earn more than 5$ for each service or gig.

    Some other examples are Zeerk, Dealerr, TenBux, etc..


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