What Did the Panda SEO Update Do to SEO Jobs?

Is Google to Blame for the Sudden Losses Due to Rankings Dropping??

Panda SEO Update

First I will share with you my own personal story of what happend to me due to the Panda SEO update. I’ve had one client for about a year. Each month I’ve been getting a nice check for doing specific SEO work. When the Panda started to shake up the rankings in Google’s search engine, to many, it was like getting hit by a Tsunami.  And it hit some of my clients websites as well. Their rankings dropped and I got a lot of panicy emails and angry phone calls.

Having a page 1 ranking can deliver traffic that reaps profits. Having a number 1 ranking on page one can deliver so much traffic that the profits are outstanding. Many people became totally reliant on Google’s search engine traffic. Some were relying on easy SEO methods to create those high rankings as well.

The results for both sides of the coin was serious. Some people lose their incomes over night. Some have still not recovered. While I personally suffered a few losses, I still have several other income streams that do not rely on Google.

Yet, I admit, I’ve been hating on the Panda SEO Update too.

That is until today. Today I took some time to think about the other side of the coin. I was thinking about Google’s point of view. And while I still have an issue with the fact that Google ranks in billions upon billions by using our websites as their means of obtaining profits, it is a win-win situation when people are able to find our websites should they not have any other clue how to get what they want by using other tools or search engine directories. Whoo… that was a long sentence.

This years updates have created serious issues for webmasters and SEO specialists. Some people who have been trying to learn SEO in order to make a living online have suddenly found themselves wondering if all the time and energy they have put into learning SEO has gone to waist because of the Panda SEO Update.

Others are saying that Google is to blame for their sudden loss in income. Either due to losing their SEO jobs or the loss of their rankings in Googles search engine. But let’s get down to basics here and think about the purpose of a search engine.

The Goal of the Panda SEO Update

Well, first off, Google must contend with a massive issue that sits right smack dab in the search engine optimization department. That is scrapper content, poor content, and content that has only one purpose, the goal of leaving backlinks in order to rank another website. Nothing that delivers any type of benefit to the readers. So the Panda SEO update was necessary in order to reach or continue reaching for this goal.

What is the purpose of the New Panda SEO anyway?

The purpose of SEO is to help Google understand what is on every page, why it’s on the page, how it can help people looking for what is on the page, and if that information on that page is worthy of sharing.  Now that is a lot of information for a mathematical algorithm to sort out. There is no way to analyze every page online manually so it’s up to the mathematical geniuses to figure it out.

There are black hat and white hat search engine optimization methods. And while black hat methods can be difficult for the Panda to toss out into search engine oblivion, white hat methods do not always deliver the best results either.

If you want to know the difference between SEO and SPAM, give a little listen to what Matt Cutts says in the video below.


Okay, so now you understand a little bit about what Google thinks about SEO. So where do we go from here?

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about why we need to think outside the Panda box. And how we can do just that.

Before I close this post, I want to address the question again.

Is the Panda SEO Update to blame for the profit losses?

What do you think? I’ll tell you my thoughts tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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I’d also love to hear your stories on how the Panda SEO update effected your business as well.

2 Responses to “What Did the Panda SEO Update Do to SEO Jobs?”

  • Jasa SEO says:

    no less a significant change in this SEO Panda. I saw the change is more focused on the removal of content that is not qualified in Google SERP, so focus on the quality of content to be the most important

  • Niziolek says:

    Thanks on your strategies it has been an excellent help to me, it has given me a far better appreciation of how to get ranked just as before thanks again for the Panda update.

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