Confused About Traffic?

Confused About SEO, Article Marketing

& Driving Traffic to Your Site?

SEO Traffic TipsPerhaps you’re confused about search engine traffic now that the big Panda (PA)  is watching your every move.

Do you find yourself wondering if article marketing still works or if it’s worth it to comment on other blogs.

What about paying for SEO? Is there an SEO service that you can trust? One that is not outdated?

These are questions that can be very confusing and basically you will find many different opinions on what works and what doesn’t.

If this is the case, what do you do to improve your traffic? You can download this FREE traffic guide – Click Here.

Here’s what I personally think about traffic.

==> I have learned that it’s not a good idea to rely on a single source for your traffic. Your traffic should be coming from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, other websites and from other peoples recommendations.

==> Do NOT fear the Panda algorithm. If you have fear of getting banned by Google, it’s time to go directly to Matt Cutts videos and take some time to see what Matt says about quality content.

Basically, you want quality content on YOUR SITE. You want to offer superb benefits to your visitors. And the first thing people should see on your site are a few of those benefits above the fold. That is pretty much at the top of your website.

When it comes to SEO, be sure to work with some basic on-page SEO guidelines. While you always want to put your visitor first, you also need to be sure that search engines can understand what your website niche is as well as what every page of your site is highlighting.

Stick to a single niche and don’t try to cover everything within that niche. It’s not only confusing for the search engines, it can be confusing to your visitors.

What About SEO and Backlinks?

Article marketing STILL works in helping improve your rankings. I know this is true as it’s been helping my clients move up in the rankings.

Press Releases are also helpful to drive traffic, but it is not long lasting. However, it still helps improve your overall rankings.

Forum backlinking… there is so much spamming via this method that I have to admit I really don’t know if it helps anymore. I would recommend caution here.

Blog commenting. Blog commenting can actually improve your traffic if the comments are good. This is time consuming but it can be quite helpful. Paying for spam blog comments has never shown me that it’s worth the money. I’d rather spend my money on article marketing.

Social Traffic

There are many ways to use social traffic. I think you can truly gain a huge benefit from both Facebook and Twitter regarding your traffic if you build it with a targeted market. Building this type of traffic using some types of auto-generated methods may not prove to be as successful.

However, there are wonderful WP plugins now that will help you generate great traffic and even have that traffic go viral if you use it well.

You can use plugins that require your visitors to LIKE your page, Tweet about it, or even join your list before they “get” something on that page. There is even a script that will “give” away a freebie if your visitors share your page with their friends via email.

As you can see there are many ways to drive traffic to your website. Relying on one method such as Google for all your traffic can truly create a huge financial disaster. Many people lost their entire means of income when Google turned on the big PA.

Lastly, it’s important to understand and really take a long look at a concept most people either ignore because they don’t entirely get it, or simply do not believe it it.

What is it?

It is understanding the value of outsourcing.

Think of it this way. How many people do you think it takes to run a MacDonalds Restaurant?

One? That’s absurd isn’t it?

The best way to build a business online is to take every dollar earned and invest it into “growing” your business by outsourcing.

The best business to build is the one that can be built by getting paid to provide a service.

The best service to provide is one that you can make money paying someone else to do the work.

Get paid $100.00 to provide a service where you can pay someone else $25.00 to do the work.

Make sense?

Hope so. :)

17 Responses to “Confused About Traffic?”

  • mughees says:

    nice and informative article,best key points thanks for sharing
    wonderful and best article,
    well written great article really very appreciated work.

  • Dipa says:

    It is surprising the number of people who say they know SEO-but only think they do. In reality they don’t. I just read somewhere else that we need to “think like Google”. If only….
    thanks for the insightful share.

  • Fatima says:

    Thanks for a very informative share. There are always more than one ways to attract traffic to your blog.

  • Don says:

    When I started leveraging social networking platforms to generate traffic, I achieved astounding results but I still incorporate traditional marketing and SEO techniques to supplement my efforts. Thanks for your suggestions.

  • Lewis says:

    I’ve never been that big on SEO. I find it daunting for some reason. So I’ve only been using it on the most basic of levels. However, I do want to up my knowledge in that area. There’s no point in me avoiding something that will essentially help my site. Thanks for the tips in this post, especially about social traffic (it’s piqued my interest).

    (p.s: in response to your comment, I think what might be King is a combo of the two “Quality Content”.)

  • Viv says:

    First Panda, then Penguin. I wonder which animal’s next. I quite like seahorses myself :-) Google Seahorse has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

    I remember reading on a couple of blogs about Google changing its algorithm in the near future – then months later a lil cute Panda was born. I do feel sorry for those who lost a significant part of their income because of the change. That couldn’t have been nice at all.

  • Richa says:

    Google updates usually causes a stir among the SEO professionals. But if you are doing things the right way, and are fully aware of the basics, there is nothing to be worried about. SEO is a mix of various strategies where quality content holds a big place. Thanks for sharing such valuable info.

  • Joy says:

    Getting a lot of traffic can be such a challenge for every online marketer, especially the new ones. I agree that maintaining a good quality of contents will always produce good results from all sorts of platforms whether it’s on Google, FB, YouTube, etc.. When you stick to creating valuable and high quality content, you can never go wrong. But of course, you need to also supplement this with other strategies like keywords, backlinking, etc.

  • Aayna says:

    Thanks for the share, often we get confused with the means which should be used to get more traffic. We try to analyze the pros and cons of every mode. But as said in the post “outsourcing” is the key in today’s scenario to get what you want. Instead of following one means,the need of the hour is to strategically follow three- four means to generate the traffic and see the difference.

  • smuigal says:

    Good comment there Marah. I’m going to get some more motivation going as I’ve installed some “motivational” plugins. Now I just need the time to implement them.” ;)

  • Marah says:

    Try to get your readers to do something with each article. At the conclusion of any articles you write, you need to let your users know what to do next. Give them clear instructions on how to do what needs to be done. When you give customers the information they need, they will be more inclined to act.


  • G. Dotts says:

    There have been so many change in the status of these backlinking strategies. These are indeed really important for all website owners of practically any niche, and I think this will be really helpful for my friend on his website. And I really like your idea of outsourcing. Looks like I’ll be focusing on your strategies for a while. Keep up the great updates!

  • smuigal says:

    Hi Elena, 2011 shook my SEO world quite a bit but once I hunkered down and got a grip on what was actually important I was able to get back on track. Articles still work very well for generating backlinks. The saying used to be “Content is King”. I think it has evolved into “Quality is King”. ;)

  • smuigal says:

    Hi Becca, yes, traffic is a “brrrrr” ;) One thing you can also do to improve your traffic is to begin having your visitors promote you. I do this myself on a very soft level, but recently I’ve purchased a few good tools to encourage this on a larger level. Just need the time to get them added in here.

    Once I have them installed, I’ll do my best to get a nice post on here about it.

  • Becca says:

    Driving traffic sometimes frustrating to learn and so reading your article has given me more motivation! It is wonderful that you have such great. I am going to read all your articles and also explore. I’m glad that I found your blog, and I believe it is a great resource. Thank you so much!

  • Elena Anne says:

    Chrisi thank you for sharing. I am a little confused with SEO, traffic but your article and your links can help me I think.I am afraid of google Panda too but I checked videos by Matt Cutts and it is make sense now to me.

  • Jayesh prajapati says:

    good article and i agree with you. install blog on you site it is also grab traffic on you site….

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