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Boosting SEO Via Articles

Boosting Your SEO VIA Articles

Article Marketing SEO StragegiesIf you post articles to blogs, and you use WordPress, it’s quite easy to find where those articles have been posted by enabling Trackbacks. Trackbacks are found in your Comments section. Trackback show the URL of where your article was posted by connecting your keyword anchor-text to your website.

Wherever your article is posted on another WP blog, you can go to that blog and then post a comment and social bookmark it as well. This boosts linkjuice of the page where your links are.

Typically, what post 1 or 2 comments on that blog. On the page where my article was posted, I’ll make a comment on the article but the URL I promote is not directly to my site. Instead I’ll promote another URL, like perhaps a video I’ve posted in Youtube, or another article posted on another blog, site or article directory.

Posting Comments – What Links to Boost

In addition to the comment on the page where my article is posted I will look for another article on the site and post a comment on that page that does link back to Netwoozy.

This process can take about 30 minutes a day depending on how fast you work and how many blogs you want to visit for this purpose.

Article SEO – Using Social Bookmarking

If the blog has any type of social networking buttons, I’ll use those as well. I will click on TweetMe, FB Like button, and other social bookmarking buttons in order to help boost the page on that site where my article is sitting.

Outsourcing – How to Leverage Your SEO Efforts

You can also pay someone to do this for you. I would highly recommend you train the person to do this work exactly as you want it to be done. A lot of VA blog posters have poor grammar, bad spelling, and are lazy. So, you’ll need to follow up on their work to be sure you’ve hired the right person for the job.

Article Submission SEO Tips

Article submission SEO tips for article marketing. AM is a great way to do many different things. It can be a huge success for driving traffic and building page rank, and it can also become a huge failure. Here are some tips to make your efforts worthy of your time.

Article Submission SEO Tips
Traffic Generation

Article Submission SEO TipsIf you are seeking to gain traffic then your articles need to be of top quality. In most cases you are going to have a difficult time finding someone to write an article of “traffic generation” quality for a few bucks. However, you can get more bang for your buck if you have the quality article spun into many different versions.

Articles that are spun at at least 60% uniqueness (I recommend 100%) can be submitted to a huge list of article directories as well as blogs. They more targeted to your niche the place your articles are posted, the more valuable these articles will be.

Article submission SEO Tips 1: posted to websites and blogs that are in your niche will be read by people interested in your topic. If you have read the post on the recent EzineArticles Google Slap, you may be familiar with the importance of having your articles posted on sites within your niche rather that what may be considered an article farm. If you’re not familiar with the recent update in Google’s algorithm, than it’s a good idea to read it after reading this post.

Article submission SEO Tips 2. Articles posted on blogs, websites and article directories more focused on your niche, even if it’s broadly focused, will provide more clout for your backlinks. When you post a backlink on a website that is related to your linked keyword phrase, Google gives this backlink a HUGE THUMBS UP. In fact, this type of link will have far more value than hundreds of links posted everywhere else that has no relationship to your niche.

Article Submission SEO Tips – Building Google Trust

Article submission SEO Tips 3: The second reason why people like to use article marketing in their SEO plan is to obtain backlinks. However, most people are not utilizing their articles to the fullest potential because they typically will include several links to the same domain. This is sort of like link hording.

Rather than use keyword anchor texts that are all directed toward one domain, your money site, add links to other articles you have had published on other blogs, web2.0 sites or links to a video.

In other words you are back linking both your money site and other places that include backlinks to your money site or backlinking your  back-links. On this page, I’m going to give you a link to Google’s SEO Toolbox. That’s an outside link to a trusted site, erm… pretty sure Google trusts itself, and that is going to help Google’s searchbot see that my site has value to my readers. In this case, it’s not a link to a page with a back-link to my site, but this is “my blog” not an article posted on someone elses blog. That’s another SEO tip ;)

Article Submission SEO Tips – Conclusion

This builds trust because you are offering several links to more than a single website. Instead of appearing like your only goal is to get people to go to a single website it looks more like you are providing your readers with a variety of resources where they can obtain more information on the subject of the article.

Which do you think looks more unselfish and trustworthy as to the motivations of the article?

For more article submission SEO tips, bookmark Netwoozy and come back again soon!

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