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CPA Marketing with Mobil Monopoly

Hi Everyone,

Basically I have decided not to promote this program as it seems to be a bit too much for new marketers. Just my thoughts, others may have different ideas but I really strive to encourage people to get into programs that will produce profits without losing them first.

Until then, you all have a great weekend!


My First Mobil Monopoly Campaigns

Hi Everyone,

I started to work this program. I chickened out the other day and my ad only ran for about a day with just one click before I canceled it. I had not noticed that the CTR had dropped down to .02 % and that’s not good enough. My calculations in the ROI of that campaign was that I’d either break even or lose money.

Anyway, this morning I started three ads. They are actually all pretty much the same product offer but I wanted to test different landing pages. The ads have not yet been approved so I can’t say what’s up just yet.

The approval process never happened and I gave up on those ads. See my other posting as to why I no longer recommend this program.

Talk Soon,


Mobile Monopoly, Explosed Profiting Campaigns

If you’re looking for a review on this program I will tell you that I did buy it and I did try it. I lost money trying to build a list and I earned some money promoting a few CPA offers. However, the time spent, the testing required, and the overall lack of consistant profits verses my time involved has me thinking this is not for me and therefore I can’t promote it for others.

The easiest way I have earned money so far online is by providing an SEO service. In fact I will tell you that this is something the majority of people trying it will succeed at. Most people never make money online due to getting distracted and not really “getting” it. It’s hard, it takes time, and you must stay away from falling into the buying game.

That is the game where people constantly buy programs instead of working them.

Here’s what I recommend for a new marketer or anyone NOT making money after trying for months and months – if not years.

Make money helping local businesses rank online. Click here, check out the step by step program SEO Box by Daniel Tan, and you’ll be well on your way to making money without doing any real hard work. I know, I can say that because I don’t work hard because I outsource almost 100% of the work in my SEO business.

Click here, check it out, see how simple it is to start.

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