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Update on SEO Professor Review

Hi Everyone,

SEO Professor ReviewI just wanted to tell you that I really love SEO professor. Here’s the thing… you do NOT need something like this in general. You can do On-Page SEO on your own. But… most of you are going to forget this or that like me and be very happy to get the reminders. I’m updating my SEO Professor review for those of you who need more convincing.

SEO Professor Review Update – (My H2 Header)

By the way, I am ranking number 3 in Google for SEO Professor from my other post. :) And I am ranking number 2 for SEO Professor Review!

Now then…. I am using SEO Professor on my Amazon and Clickbank, and CPA sites. Here’s what I often forget to do:

1. I usually forget to include a link to another one of my pages on my site or

2. I forget to include a link that goes to an off site trusted site like Wiki. I tend to almost always use Wiki.

3. Sometimes I forget a bold, italic or underline.

4. I will forget to add the no follow tag to outside links.

Technically speaking here, it’s hard to remember ALL of these things ALL of the time for every post. So, that is why I really enjoy using this program.

For those of you who can’t afford it yet, I’m going to SEO Professor this page.  At the top of this page the title is an H1 tag so that is covered. My H2 header is posted so now I need an H3 Header:

SEO Professor Review – Reminders Help Tremendously (My H3 Header)

If you scan the page you will see I have already included a BOLD and Italised. That leaves the last, an underlined one, so keep reading and you’ll see it in the next sentence.

I’m going to say that most likely Google is going to give me a double listing for the keyword term SEO Professor Review. I have gotten double, tripple and even quadrouple listings for my clients for many keywords. It’s pretty sweet to get more than one listing.

To get more than one listing for any keyword you simply need to optimize more than one page for that keyword and or create backlinks to more than one page for it.

Okay, next I need to link to another page on my site. I’ll link to my first post on the SEO Professor I did earlier. Lastly I need to link to a trusted page. I think I’ll link to Googles Webmasters SEO webmaster page.

At the top of this post you see the image with the ALT TAG which includes the keyword phrase I am working on ranking for.

Lastly, here’s what you guys don’t know. I have a number 1, 2 and 3 ranking for several SEOProfessor keywords phrases. I did NOT backlinks for these posts. I simply applied some On-Page SEO.

I highly recommend this tool for everyone. It does not matter if you KNOW these things. I do SEO for a living and I forget the elements of On Page SEO all the time.

Click Here and download SEO Professor today. Daniel Tan has a 60 day money back guarantee. No worries, you won’t need it. I love it, and highly recommend you get it.

Best Wishes,



SEOProfessor Review Video Proof it Works!

Who wants to know how to rank high in the SERP’s?


SEOProfessorThis program truly rocks! I have to tell you that I’m so happy to have found a program that delivers results in as little as 5 days. Last year I earned $4400.00 selling two of my websites that were ranking at number 1 and 3 spots in Google. I decided to start doing something called, Domain Name Flipping.

You can skip my little blerb here if you like since I pretty much cover SEOProfessor and how it worked for me in the video – Just Click Here. If you are not YET a subscriber and you want to learn more about domain name flipping, subscribe now and you’ll get the updates on this particular journey.

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The type of flipping I’m doing requires my sites to rank within the top 3/4 spots in Google. My PLAN was to upload the site, add a little content, then create some backlinks. It’s not hard to do with the programs I have. I’d say I would spend about an hour or so backlinking this project, and another $10.00 for the article I need to submit to my programs.

How SEOProfessor Ranked My Site With NO Backlinks

Back in November I purchased a new domain and turned it into a WordPress blog. I did nothing more. NO content was added because I was too busy to work on it. 5 days ago, Jan. 4th, I added in the first page. I purchased SEOProfessor earlier that day and wanted to get started using it right away so this was the first site I added the plugin to.

It took me just a few minutes to create my content as I simply copy and pasted some paragraphs from some articles in EzineArticles and added in the URL of where I got the info after the paragraph. Super simple stuff here guys.

On Page SEOProfessor SEO Applied

Once I had the article in there I then started to follow the suggestions I received from the SEOProfessor WP plugin. Within a few minutes I had a 92.2% on page SEO rating. Then it was time to wait…. ARG – I hate waiting!

On Jan. 4th this site was nowhere to be found in Google. It was indexed, but not ranking within the first 4 pages.

Today, Jan. 9th I checked and found out it is ranking at number 4 page one!! NOT a SINGLE backlink was created to achieve this. SWEETS! Now then… I could actually approach the people who are using PPC ads and some that are currently ranking on page 2 and 3 in Google to see who wants to buy this domain BUT… if I can achieve a first page number 4 ranking in 5 days with NO backlinks, it seems to me that I can get to the top once I do some off site SEO.

The SEO WP Plugin rocks guys! This is my SEOProfessor Review and you can watch the my video proof by clicking this link ===>SEOPROFESSOR VIDEO.

When you buy SEO Professor though this link ===>SEOPROFESSOR VIDEO as a bonus you’ll receive a copy of my BYOBM (Be Your Own Boss Method) guide. ($27.00 value). This includes a 45 day $1.00 trial to my Netwoozy members only program.

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