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How Can We Benefit from Web 2.0

How Can We Benefit From Web 2.0?

Interaction between the supplier and the user would have to be one of the greatest benefits derived from Web 2.0. Speaking from the webmaster or blogger’s point of view the greatest benefit one can derive from Web 2.0 is that of search engine traffic. And the reason why this is true is because the more Web 2.0 properties you include in your own Internet business via website or a blog perhaps even podcasts or video you will find the search engines quite generous in how they view this activity which results in sending you targeted traffic should you use as well as choose how would you use Web 2.0 in your Internet business.

Many people today consider the Internet an avenue that they can explore for obtaining a vast amount of information as well as technology in many cases for free. However regarding Web 2.0 while this still holds true, one of the most rewarding properties of Web 2.0 would have to be that of the webmaster or blogger making use of it in such a way as to promote their own online business venture.

I did mention website because even though the website by itself is static, by adding a variety of Web 2.0 properties into the website it can be turned into an environment considered to be an exchange between both the visitor and the creator or author.

Perhaps you still have a website and you’d like to take the stagnant properties of your website and create a more inviting environment for your visitors. Here are a few ways that you can do just that.

1. Simply add a blog to your website. Most hosting companies use something called Fantastico. This is a program that will enable you to install a WordPress blog on your website.

2. Create videos that can be uploaded to YouTube. Once uploaded to YouTube they can be added to your website or blog. The interaction comes from anyone visiting your site clicking on the video and having the opportunity to comment on your video. Or in the case of offering comments on your website or blog again there is the interaction which is of the highest value for both user, author and of course search engines like Google.

3. RSS feeds. Adding RSS feeds to your website or blog helps to keep your site active and updated. And actively updated website or blog becomes very attractive to the search engines as well as your visitors. As long of course as the content remains quality.

4. Podcasts. A podcast is a video file or an audio file that is automatically distributed on a subscription basis. What’s really cool about podcasts is that the user can actually play the audio back on their computer or even better, a mobile device such as their iPhone or cell phone. It’s sort of like having your own personal Internet radio station or even the TV show where you become the star. Technically everything revolves around you or whatever it is you choose to become the focal point of your podcast.

Podcasting does involve a great deal of time since you will be having to provide the information via audio or video and without the right software or equipment this could be a daunting task. However as technology grows so does the ease of providing these types of programs or interactive activities.

In this post I’ve just touched on these different types of Web 2.0 properties. In the coming posts I will take a deeper look into such Web 2.0 properties like that of Twitter, YouTube, social networks like Facebook, and other Web 2.0 properties that can enhance your Internet business and create an environment in inviting to both your visitors as well as the search engines like Google.

Oh, and btw… you can also join Twitter and have people who visit your site follow you on Twitter. I am not currently an avid Twitter-er, so I don’t have that added YET.

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What is Web 2.0 and What it Means to You

What is Web 2.0?

Have you ever wondered what is Web 2 .0 stands for? To understand what Web 2 .0 is let’s just back up a little bit and talk about Web 1 .0 or in some cases let’s just refer to it as old technology or old style sort of like a stagnating pond. Something that really needs to be infused with new life and old stagnating software and technology needs to be removed or replaced or renovated.

The Internet has grown at rocket speeds over the years. In fact trying to keep up with everything that is new from within the Internet is impossible. For just about in every minute there is some type of evolution going on on the World Wide Web.

In the beginning he Internet was considered sort of a one-way street. Websites were pretty much a static environment. There was no interchange of information. And this is the start of Web 1 .0.  For it is an environment in which the viewer does not take part in any type of communication exchange.

For example any personal website would be considered Web 1.0. With the exception of the newer search engines, search engine directories of old or the past, would have to be considered static.

Back in the Day – Web 2.0 Evolves

Web 2 .0 is all about an active environment in which both the user, the visitor, and the creator, can all interact with one another in a variety of ways. Web 2 .0 has been considered many different things because in the beginning it was rather confusing to understand this particular concept. Today however Web 2 .0 is becoming much more common with the growth of so many different forms of an interactive World Wide Web environment.

So when you think of interactivity one of the first things that may come to mind would be that of a blog. A blog is a page that gives you an insight into the world of the person creating the blog. However it also gives you an insight into the minds of the viewers as each viewer has the opportunity in many cases to express themselves by means of the comment. And each comment provides the author of the blog an opportunity to respond. And thus you have the birth of the concept and introduction of web 2.0.

Web 2.0 is all about participation so wherever you go online that requires your participation or perhaps the invitation to participate you can feel comfortable and saying that that is the epitome of Web 2.0.

Things have changed in 2011. Check out the Google Me series to learn more about how you can become a better content provider – using web 2.0 or anything else.

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